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This is a sampling of my research activities. Hopefully, this satisfies those of you who are curious about the way faculty spend time outside the classroom. I have put a few of my papers here online. Look for the blue links to the Acrobat files.

Primary Focus of My Research

I employ a customer focused framework to examine the design and management of go-to-market arrangement. In contrast to the conventional approach that relies heavily on comparing the operational costs of the alternatives, this framework focuses on the delivery of value to customers. There are three elements that matter; [S]afeguarding against under-investment of at-risk assets, [A]dapting to risk of exploitation of at-risk party during renegotiations, and tying payments to [M]easures so as to minimize losses from under-supply of non-verifiable activities . The choice pivots on comparative merits of the feasible alternatives along these three dimensions. Among the specific topics studied using this S-A-M governance cost approach includes the following:


I am listed as a "Highly Cited Researcher" in Business/Economics Category at the ISI Web of Science

Selected Recent Presentations

  1. Transaction Costs Analysis in Marketing: Looking Back, Moving Forward, Presented at American Marketing Association Winter Educators' Conference, Austin, Texas, February, 2011
  2. Loss Aversion in Consumer Durables. Presentation at INFORMS Conference, Austin, Texas, November, 2010
  3. Aligning Channel Structures and Incentives to Promote Profitable Growth: What Works? Presentation at Marketing Science Institute Conference, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, May, 2010.

Selected Publications in Refereed Journals

Research papers are presented at conferences, and published in proceedings, books and refereed journals. The refereed journal publications are generally considered the most significant papers, as the peer review process is a pretty high hurdle. Below, I have organized my publications in refereed journals by their general area within marketing.

Marketing Channels

  1. Understanding Value-Added Resellers' Assortments of Multi-Component Systems (with Sourav Ray, Mark Bergen) Journal of Marketing, Forthcoming, September 2016.
  2. Transaction Cost Analysis in Marketing: Looking Back, Moving Forward (with Torger Reve) Journal of Retailing, September, 2010
  3. When Should Original Equipment Manufacturers Use Branded Component Contracts with Suppliers? (with Mrinal Ghosh), Journal of Marketing Research, October, 2009.
  4. Assessing the Consequences of a Channel Switch (with Xinlei (Jack) Chen, Om Narasimhan) , Marketing Science, May-June, 2008.
  5. When Does Vertical Coordination Improve Industrial Purchasing Relationships? (with Arnt Buvik), Journal of Marketing 2001.
  6. "Understanding Participation Rates in Coop Plans in Channels," (with M. Bergen), Journal of Marketing Research 1997.
  7. "Variations in the Contractual Terms of Cooperative Advertising Contracts: An Empirical Investigation," (with S Dutta, M. Bergen and A. Rao), Marketing Letters, 6 (1) 1995.
  8. "Understanding Dual Distribution in Industrial Markets: The Case of House Accounts and Reps," (with S. Dutta, M. Bergen and J. Heide), Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization 11 (1) April, 1995.
  9. "Using Exclusive Territories When Dealers Can Bootleg", (with S. Dutta and M. Bergen), Marketing Science , Winter, 1994.
  10. "The Role of Dependence Balancing in Safeguarding Transaction-Specific Assets in Conventional Channels," (with J. Heide), Journal of Marketing , January, 1988.
  11. Forward Integration into Distribution: An Empirical Test of Transaction Cost Analysis,(with B. Weitz), Journal of Law, Economics and Organization , Fall, 1988.
  12. "An Empirical Investigation of Some Antecedents of Opportunism in a Marketing Channel," Journal of Marketing Research , August, 1984.

Selling and Sales Management

  1. Bonuses versus Commissions: A Field Study (with S. Kishore, O. Narasimhan and Raghunath S. Rao) Journal of Marketing Research, June, 2013
  2. Understanding the Role of Trade-ins in Durable Goods Markets: Theory and Evidence," (with Raghunath S. Rao, Om Narasimhan) Marketing Science, Sept-Oct, 2009.
  3. "Experimental Tests of An Agency Model of Sales Compensation," (with M. Ghosh ), Marketing Science 2001.
  4. "Sales Compensation: An Empirical Investigation of Factors Related to the Use of Salary versus Incentive Compensation," (with B. Weitz), Journal of Marketing Research , February, 1989.
  5. "An Organizational Coordination Model of Sales Compensation: Theoretical Analysis and Empirical Test,"(with A. Weiss and B. Weitz), Journal of Law, Economics and Organization , Fall, 1987.

Marketing Alliances and Relationships

  1. A Theoretical and Empirical Unvestigation of Property Rights Sharing in Outsourced Research, Development and Engineering Relationhsips (with Stephen Carson), Strategic Management Journal, (forthcoming) 2013
  2. Understanding Institutional Designs Within Marketing Value Systems,"(with Stephen Carson,Timothy M. Devinney, Grahame R. Dowling), Journal of Marketing , Special Issue, 1999.
  3. "Combining Market Experiments with Industry Data in Transaction Cost Analysis: The Case of Licensing,"(with S. Dutta), Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization , 11 (1) April, 1995.
  4. "Do Norms Matter in Marketing Relationships?" (with J. Heide), Journal of Marketing , April, 1992.
  5. "Alliances in Industrial Purchasing: The Determinants of Joint Action In Buyer-Supplier Relationships'" (with J. Heide), Journal of Marketing Research, February, 1990.
  6. "Performance Outcomes of Purchasing Arrangements on Industrial Buyer-Vendor Relationships'" (with T. Noordeweir and J. R. Nevin), Journal of Marketing , October, 1990.

High Technology Marketing

  1. Marketing In Technology-Intensive Markets: Toward A Conceptual Framework ", (with S. Dutta and A. M. Weiss), Journal of Marketing, Special Issue, 1999.
  2. "Unbundling of Industrial Systems," (with L. Wilson and A. Weiss), Journal of Marketing Research, May, 1990.

Research Methods in Marketing

  1. Learning from a Service Guarantee Quasi-Experiment," (with Xinlei (Jack) Chen, Julie M. Hays, Arthur V. Hill, and Susan E. Guers), Journal of Marketing Research, October, 2009.
  2. "The Reliability and Validity of Key Informant Data from Dyadic Relationships in Marketing Channels," (with T. Reve), Journal of Marketing Research, November, 1982.

Marketing Strategy and Planning

  1. Strategic Fit in Industrial Alliances: An Empirical Test of Governance Value Analysis (with M. Ghosh) Journal of Marketing Research August, 2005.
  2. Governance Value Analysis and Marketing Strategy," (with M. Ghosh) Journal of Marketing , Special Issue, 1999.
  3. "Organizational Structure Effects on the Credibility and Utilization of Marketing Plans," (with J. Martin), Journal of Marketing Research , May, 1984.

Other Downloads

Form time to time, I get request for the opportunism scale used in my 1984 JMR paper. You can download the relevant pages from my dissertation here .

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